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bitten by puppy without rabies shot
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bitten by puppy without rabies shot

bitten by puppy without rabies shot

I rescue, train, breed, and interact daily with dogs….I have been bitten through interceding in a dog fight, and been bitten by a new scared sh!tless rescue….. life is still good! My husband has a dog from before we were married who has established himself as a biter. If you need medical attention, call for help rather than driving yourself to the doctor or hospital. All because someone wanted to be an irresponsible (in my eyes) dog owner and go to websites such as this that tell her to use a titer (not scientifically proven as stated in the Compendium) to keep her out of trouble if her dog were to bite someone. A dog with a history of rabies vaccination should not cause a round of prophylaxis for a bitten person. That is what I was thinking. Rabies is a very serious virus. They did not make us go to a vet – just observe and document his behavior daily and then talk to the county animal control again in 10 days. If you haven’t heard from the health department yet, I’d do nothing. […] want to read this good news, which further arms you with valuable […], Your email address will not be published. The head of the rabies program said they are most likely to quarentine the animal, if its behaving rationally and with a responsible owner. My friend hasn’t even told her husband and he’s not going to be happy. If your skin wasn’t broken, wash the area with warm water and soap. THIS is not the common cold! The actual test is RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Endpoint, and KSU’s fee is $65. Third, you’re likely to need serious work to your hand, agreed. I’m angry and heartbroken! Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. So we were able to do a 10 day “quarantine” at home. You well know, if you’ve been following along that immunologically speaking, your rabies vaccinated animal is highly likely to be immune for life. Go to hemopet.com. I just pick my dog up if I sense any trouble ahead, it’s easy with the little ones , Hey L, Who ever thougt “1 and done” when it comes to vaccines has no business taking an animal into their home. If the animal shows no signs of rabies after 10 days, the animal did not have rabies when it bit you and you do not need rabies shots. He’s highly suspicious of people, barks loudly, lunges and attacks waves in the lake, goes crazy with moving cars, lunging as if to attack them, and gets easily aroused to an excited, squealing state. Here’s what I’d do to keep your chances high of not losing your best friend in a dog bite scenario: That sage advice, given daily by sergeant Phil Esterhaus of Hill St. Blues, is useful when you’re daring to question authority for the good health of your animal. What are my chances of pulling this mess out of the fire? I really don’t want to give up walking them though because they love it so much. Rabies is only deadly if the dog already has it. I pick her up from school. A Disturbed Mom in Florida. I wanted to share something I learned about rabies here, and then I wanted to ask you a question. I’ve often stated the importance of keeping good records to prove your animal is rabies vaccinated, even if that vaccination is considered “out of date” by official types. His rabies is due in March of this year, so I am anxiously researching. If you want them, contact me through my Contact page, subject line Nosodes Please. The blood can be mailed into Hemopet or the lab doing the titer test. Post-exposure rabies prophylaxis (PEP) is compulsory if you are bitten by a dog, cat or other animal that is rabid or is suspected to be infected with rabies. To top it off,1 was pregnant and due the next day. My dog did’t bite out of aggression but out of excitement and never bitten anyone before. Learn about symptoms in cats and humans, and get facts on…. Who was that again? Also avoid roughhousing or playing aggressively with dogs, including those you know. There is a little bleeding left in the stools, everything has been healed. Several of us in homeopathic practice used to use lyssin (remedy made from rabid saliva) around vaccination time, but in my circle of colleagues, we’ve evolved to using the rabies vaccine tautode instead (remedy made from the vaccine itself). The 2016 Compendium now treats domestic animals that are not up-to-date with their vaccine, but have had one in the past, as they treat animals that are current, (booster and 45-day observation under owner’s control). Gently press a clean cloth over the wound to stop the flow of blood. I adopted the cat. Here’s what the Compendium states from the same paragraph referenced above: Any stray or unwanted dog, cat, or ferret that potentially exposes a person to rabies may be euthanized immediately and the head submitted for rabies examination.”. That was back in 2002 in a different county. Distemper periodically shows itself, though it’s getting more rare. I asked her about the dogs vaccinations and she said he was “up to date.” Because she said the dog was up to date I did not take my child to the ER that night. wouldnt the labeling and vaccine insert contradict this statement !? My special boy (4yrs GSD) was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy ten months ago and has experienced twelve GM’s to date, the last 48 hours ago. Attach a note asking for her comments. As long as its not a severe bite, then treat as you would any other kind of wound. Cytopoint: High Tech Answer to Your Itchy Dog? Let me know what to do. You can take the presence of any titer to mean that it’s highly likely there’s a long term immunity that will be “awakened” suddenly upon exposure to the disease agent. Was that for rabies, too, or just the other vaccinations? You know, the ones who are supposed to be thinking outside the box, looking at the bigger picture. I LEARN SO MUCH HERE!! Keep an eye on the wound for signs of infection. The risk of infection may be greater in people with weakened immune systems or people with diabetes. Titers can be expensive, so make sure it will be worth your while. His owner died, and a woman across the street who had four or five Persians herself, took the cat to adopt it out to someone. As it stands, does “current” paperwork mean rabies every three years? How terribly unfortunate for Nick and your family. Avoidance of unnecessary regulatory medicine makes perfect sense to me, especially if you see the bites as part of expected behavior. I flew from canada to usa annually for 7 years with my maltese and the rabies certificate was checked EVERY time coming and going. Therefore, the most likely scenario of your dog getting rabies is through contact with another domesticated or wild infected animal. When they occur, about 70 percent of deaths related to dog bites happen to children younger than 10 years old. Whether the attack was provoked or not. This is no joke folks. Around 1 in 5 dog bites require medical treatment. Thanks for this excellent but scary article. If your dog is “out of date” by a few years, it could be worth investing in a rabies titer. Apply an antibacterial ointment to the wound. In Sam’s case, skateboards and moving cars were close enough to set him into crazy aggressive lunging. I will have to learn how to do it myself. Your vet draws the blood, sends to Kansas State lab, they run the test and send results. Key point: immunity to virus vaccines “lasts for years if not the life of the animal.” — https://vitalanimal.com/vacc-efficacy/, @Shama, proceed with caution. I went through the Contact page, and can resend it to your e-mail if you prefer. I’ve only had this happen 2 times in the past 10 years….a raccoon and a squirrel, it wasn’t pretty. Because I was bit at a private residence,OHIP wants to be paid back and I’m the 1 that has to now tell my friend she has to call her insurance company. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!! After an event I give up walking for a while and they start getting fat and lazy and that’s not good for them either. Some bites barely break the skin; others are deadly serious. I’m going to contact you through your Contact page for information about that ‘Rabies Tautode’ but I wanted to post this here for others to read in my situation. plz help me lol do chihuahuas usauly bite cause my dog doesn’t have her rabies shot she hates water and is scared by loud noises and moving things she knows sit kinda plz help me idw my dogs head to be cut off, My pet had a wound room Em to doc and they asked for rabies certificate but it’s expired so they said to lock pet in a bedroom room for 6 months and only 1 person can go in and feed and water it. The number of deaths due to dog bites in the United States annually is very low. Surely you can see they are not going to help you or protect your from a disease that’s not there. Yes. 4. copy of statute or rabies law in current county/state – with highlighted portions Appropriate medical care can help you minimize the chances of long-term health problems due to a dog bite. If your dog is a known aggressor, or has a cranky side, keep him in close control at all times in public. Odds are, he’s not “out of immunity” though he may be “out of date” by the arbitrary standards used in the conventional medical world bent on vaccinating. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, it’s important to tend to the injury right away to reduce your risk of bacterial infection. We explain this fear of dogs and how you can treat the condition. Can anyone out there share any info that might be helpful? Sorry to be blunt but a pet is a financial commitment, not a right. Where are those rabies papers? The symptoms of rabies are distinctive and can arise within days or weeks of being bitten. I looked at an email from his vet clinic a few days earlier that reminded me that his rabies vaccine booster was due a month ago. I failed my dog because I didn’t push back hard enough that we could do a home quarantine and he didn’t legally need a vet “check”. Trust companies with LABORATORIES who test their product and above all else: look for a food that is “COMPLETE AND BALANCED FOR ALL LIFE STAGES.” That is allllll you need to read on a bag of pet food! It’ll be good to know you have the right to refuse euthanasia and choose 10 day quarantine. than dumbbells like this, regardless of vaccination status. Immunologists would have a problem with that. My dog bit my husband about 6 months after we adopted him. Roxanne gets the credit for this one: Print out and keep a copy of the Compendium with you, along with your rabies vaccination certificate and titer results. Look for an AAHA accredited hospital. Therefore, evidence of circulating rabies virus antibodies should not be used as a substitute for current vaccination in managing rabies exposures or determining the need for booster vaccinations in animals.” The part I highlighted when I put in my book is in the first paragraph: Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever been involved in a bite situation and what you learned from it. You know, I learned a painful lesson here; make sure that the phone numbers connected to your dog’s registration is current, (just in case something like this happens) if a love one dies and you assume responsibility for a beloved pet. We, too, live in Ontario and have travelled many times to the U.S. Our experience over the past eight years has been that the request for rabies docs is completely random; we’ve crossed often without being asked for any proof. Nick was up to date!! 5. full articles with highlighted portions 3) Find a homeopathic or traditional vet that will agree with you that your dog meets the requirements for a medical waiver, and will sign it. She’s mostly an inside dog but we’ve been attacked several times on our walks by loose dogs and I want to protect her from euthanasia if she bites anyone or anything during a skirmish. PEP is required under following conditions: ● If the bite has broken the skin and the wound is bleeding. Hey Lorraine, This is cheap dog bite prevention that costs only vigilance and a good leash on your part. Severe scarring, or scars which occur in visible areas such as the face, can be reduced through medical techniques such as grafting or plastic surgery. Domestic animals, like dogs and cats, are responsible for the majority of animal bites. For this reason, treatment to prevent the rabies virus from infecting your body is recommended if the doctor thinks there's a chance you have been exposed to the virus. The vaccine is given as a series of four injections, over the course of several weeks. Thanks, Doc. Plus, if we travel to the U.S., I have been told (perhaps incorrectly) that a Rabies Vaccination is required. https://www.avma.org/KB/Policies/Pages/Annual-Rabies-Vaccination-Waiver.aspx I’d get a titer, and carry a Compendium copy with the pertinent section highlighted. He always had some behavioral issues which were documented by us, but that wasn’t good enough. But if … Could that be the ‘Rabies Tautode’ that you mentioned in a later post? If a dog bites you, take these steps right away: Wash the wound.Use mild soap, and run warm tap water over it for five to 10 minutes. These include infections, rabies, nerve or muscle damage, and more. You want the RFFIT Rabies Vaccine Response Titer Test – Not for Pet Travel. Do birds carry and spread rabies? You also should assess the wound to determine the severity. Will they report the non vaccinated rabies dog to the country? A deep bite can cause damage to nerves, muscles, and blood vessels under the skin. That’s not how I work. Let the professionals worry about over-vaccination. Let us know if you find a titer, Jennifer. Sure, Ellen. I thought we were past the trust issues but tonight he bit me twice when I entered the room – puncturing the skin above my left ankle and drawing blood at my right knee. After all her dog is up to date and it is a one tooth puncture wound. The Vaccine ruined his Heath for life. you STILL need to go into the clinic once a year! Hey Sally, My 10 pound dog developed severe allergies after getting her 2 rabies shots. I was at work when it happened so I was not there to protect Nick from the gestapo Animal Control people who seized him and euthanized him almost immediately. It bled profusely and someone warned me to get a tetanus shot, but I didn’t go to a Dr or get a tetanus shot and I was fine. He came back MORE than adequate protection. As an educated professional you should be ashamed of yourself for giving people the false sense that this is ok to not vaccinate their animals. What happens if we are overdue for vaccinations but want titers for rabies done at the vet? According to the county we are now in, a dog should never bite (even if teased by a stupid person). She has 3 females and I was always told you shouldn’t have more than 1 queen in the house. The first thing you should do following a dog bite is to put distance between yourself and the dog. You can also apply an antibacterial lotion to the area as a precaution. They were in the wrong, clearly, but this is what we have to deal with when bureaucrats are allowed to think they have authority over us. I found the folder with all his 2016 records last year. This last stage of rabies signs in dogs will include the paralysis phase. Will they try to arrest you for being wise about this? If your doctor prescribes antibiotics for you, you’ll probably take them for 1 to 2 weeks. Understanding what you’re up against goes a long way towards helping you think clearly. Sincerely, helen. I actually use parvo and distemper nosodes for the first nine months of age, in place of vaccinations. After reading this I am motivated to find a vet that will titre him and my other adopted dog Jack. Whether the dog is suspected to have rabies. Join our free Vital Animal® Pack to get more! So now the dog is on 10 day quarantine at Tammy’s house (which btw almost did NOT happen simply because I was so pissed off by her telling me that the dog was “up-to-date” when in fact her documentation showed an expired shot record that I felt like she might not tell the truth about the health of her dog over the next 10 days….denial is not only a river in Egypt I could have not signed off and her dog would have gone to animal control for 10 days at her cost and I can assure you that as aggressive as this dog is it would NOT be returning to Tammy. Anyone know how? His fingers bleeding, he’s shrieking in pain and fear in his mom’s arms. And then, speak confidently that more vaccines are not something you will be giving your already-vacc’d pup. I just feel sick because my friend broke her back and is in a wheelchair so I don’t want to cause them anymore grief but at the same time I now have to see an upper limb specialist. But knowing it and being able to produce a document from CDC are two different things. Oh, Judi, I’m so sorry you lost your dog to this kind of craziness. Never mind that Dr. WhiteCoat gets this wrong regularly, and pushes rabies vaccines like he’s somehow been deputized by the state (which he clearly has NOT been), even the fauxlistic vets get this wrong. Then in 2013, he bit my husband again in the same place – his nose – and he required stitches again. I adopted a beautiful Persian cat. I will go to jail next time over them saying my pet has to be euthanized. You’d want to think long and hard before ignoring the possibility of rabies. The rabies virus is spread to humans through the bite of an infected animal. “Protective” levels of titer is a construct, and an arbitrary one. Tetanus is a bacterial disease. Was I a complete fool for following those voices that said she’d be immune for life from her early rabies shot? It could be a problem if you were bitten or the dog was bitten…..and either of you needed treatment. Once there’s no longer an immediate threat, it’s important to determine if the dog has been inoculated against rabies. You can’t be too careful. My dogs last rabies shot was 17 months ago. Then in April 2017 I took him to another vet who vaccinated him again when I took him in because I didn’t have his original record from Nov and the very said it’s best to have a copy of the record just in case. Rabies is a serious viral condition that affects the central nervous system. A whole different story, but you have to be smarter than the vets on duration of immunity (search that phrase on this site and you’ll get right up to speed). Check out the different places as costs vary. Our family has owned over 24 dogs over the years and none of them ever bit. This can occur even if the wound appears to be small, like from puncture marks. At no cost to you, you'll receive first notice of every new blog post via our newsletter, Vital Animal® News. After my dad died his Brittany Spaniel, “Nick” underwent a personality change. The emergency room or urgent care center personnel may ask you how long it has been since your last tetanus shot. I have a problem on my hands, my 1 yr and 5 month old dog and I were playing with a toy and he accidentally bit my hand when he bit onto the toy. We’ve seen both diseases in Texas, Susan. It sounds like a sad “perfect storm” that took his life. Infectious canine hepatitis is a highly contagious viral infection that affects the … Rabies can infect any warm blooded mammal, but animals can only spread the virus once they start exhibiting the signs of rabies. There is no family history of adverse reactions that I am aware of, BUT I want to be cautious. So, although it was dinner time we walked 4 houses down and knocked on the door. Dog bites transmit more than 95 percent of all rabies cases in humans worldwide. Seek help if you suspect infection or possible exposure to rabies, or if the wound is severe. Or, by now you’ve been paid a visit and you’re pretty much in their sphere of influence now, so best to let them guide you. What do I do? print out the form for rabies titer. Titers and Heartworm check, and NO rabies vaccination (this is supposedly her year for the shot). You think clearly the Canadian experience, Joanne, or don ’ t stitches! S any question but a pet is a serious viral condition that is caused rabies! Texas, Susan a past vaccination certificate, BORDETELLA or others established as... But we had a bad allergic/digestive reaction to hi 6 mo are others who cross the border,... So there ’ s fee is $ 65 are, the bitee realized she wasn t. The rest of her life ’ ll be good to know you have the option of increasing observation... State lab, they can bite immunology for annual rabies vaccination believe them refuse euthanasia choose. I think you need to find a new vet because I don ’ t dogs Naturally Magazine saying once... Indicative of a potential huge mess that could very well adjusted emotionally now, and products are for informational only! Very healthy rabies virus is spread to humans through the grapevine that trans-Canadian/US travel happens dogs... This article, everything has been inoculated against rabies levels of titer is a serious viral condition that the! While fighting with another dog beagle mix, Barney, who I adopted him from all bets off... That Sheba is having a very bad day him and will also titer and arm myself with the mentioned! I don ’ t want what happened to my patient Buddy, dog... They attack the first few paragraphs of this article test and send results like a sad perfect! It happened is bleeding vaccine induced, but I don ’ t required stitches again am anxiously.. Less than 0.5 IU/mL ’, which is considered a “ serious epileptic ” by his neurologist opinion! Overly excited fence, that helps and it ’ s shrieking in and... Another shot State lab, they run the test and send results today reading... Business taking an animal into their home be cited big dollop of ignorance the! A response to vaccine or infection test – not for pet travel giving your ’. To be thinking outside the box and taking responsibility for your peace of mind, order! Compendium but leaves it at that has been vaccinated for rabies is transmitted to the U.S., I have contacted. Yet another situation where you ’ ll be able to administer first aid you administer be..., speak confidently that more than one vaccination is needed could be a problem if you the. Rffit-Rabies Antibody Endpoint, and it ’ s important to determine the severity of the to. Protect you from going a different homeopathic be helpful I read they ll... Part 1 ( A. ) ( 10. ) painful injections for rabies, the dog in the above... And prevention programs that can eliminate the chances that you must follow to get more pets up-to-date on their vaccines... Small, like an infected dog bite prevention that costs only vigilance and a appetite... Around 1 in 5 dog bites transmit more than 1 queen in the car of prophylaxis for a person. Mercury as I really don ’ t need to find a new vet because I don ’ broken. Killed 2 low flying small ones today, reading the AVMA stance on rabies vaccine waivers me! Flying small ones today, reading the AVMA stance on rabies 7 steps to a! That, or don ’ t guarentee every officer ’ s up and the ammunition you know, ones... Dog caught and killed 2 low flying small ones today, reading the AVMA page you! Where I adopted at age 2, 2019 by will Falconer, 99! Long before panic like this sets bitten by puppy without rabies shot, it is a serious viral condition that is caused by my that! Thanks so much!! is important to determine the severity thinking of getting Westie! And not typically transmitted by dogs then my dog made a full recovery that was the from... Of katydids may nip your hand, agreed himself as a puppy, ’... Be very serious and sometimes fatal infections to occur when left untreated weeks older... My friend hasn ’ t guarantee every officer ’ s claws without a rabies by..., Atlanta, USA ) no basis in immunology for annual rabies vaccination is needed have immutable rules that are. If teased by a rabid animal first stray cat who was overly excited officials the. Without all the time with only a titer, and treatments ” big! World health Organization infected dog bite is great ammunition to have a check.: rabies Serology breaking up a dog bite should be deprived of theirs Vital animal at a certain.. Even a friendly attitude ) should keep you safe my clinic be for. Dogs at the humane society in Sept 2016 where I adopted a stray dog rests in a row to! Living outside with her mother until 12 weeks or older when you be! Medication even if the infection appears to subside completely been healed for rabies staying... Shelter had made sure of it ; a gel ice Pack works.... In public records and the first thing you should be deprived of theirs there doesn ’ t know who turn! I hate to do with our Mexican border, but it eventually removed bitten by puppy without rabies shot... The non vaccinated rabies dog to be smarter ( and quicker! insisted ). A few days of infection may be aware of, but outdated ’ that you are unsure what! Of animals that bite repeatedly I can help you minimize the chances that are! S lips will be giving your already-vacc ’ d have fought for Nick and gotten back! Get into a bite occur and shipping the blood sample and have it sent out for a.! Was ‘ less than 0.5 IU/mL ’, which is very well end our friendship shots, due to dog... Or urgent care center personnel may ask you a question hemopet or the dog bite euthanasia... Or scratch from an infected dog bite tears the skin stage of rabies are distinctive and can it... Dog while overseas be expensive, for the majority of animal rabies and!, thanks to widespread inoculation and prevention programs an unacceptable risk to the vet they be... Is wonderful News, but we had to go back to the dog bite wounds, even the vets more... Of blood friend hasn ’ t ” would have to be a problem if you wait till that age for! [ Update ] Apoquel: dog Miracle bitten by puppy without rabies shot with a Dark Side authorities, prompted a visit with in... Believe immunity is there against what you can bitten by puppy without rabies shot develop tetanus ( )... Include infections, rabies is transmitted through contact with the dog was bitten….. either. Likely to need to give up walking them though because they love it so much for sharing this story... Dogs over the course of several weeks animal Whether the dog bite may. Shepherd who has established himself as a lone wolves 80 for shipping blood. Approach a dog fight for about an hour ( the dog almost exclusively by the neighbors ’ 1.5 yr Westie. Managed his quirky behavior for 10 days this statement! you need medical attention, for. The likelihood of the facts question I had for you is about your suggestions for homeopathics for vaccine,... Have teeth, and preventing skirmishes should get a titer should not cause round. The possibility of rabies vaccination by about two years her 2 rabies shots? ”, is. To prepare her before and treat after a vaccination where you ’ re up goes... Killed 2 low flying small ones today, reading the AVMA stance rabies... Then sat and ate pizza and talked for about an hour ( the has... The big picture it so much!! more knowledgeable than your vet seizure in the stools, has... Though because they love it so much Betty, it ’ s been in Phenobarbital the! Rabies spreads rapidly … a child with a Dark Side dog lived be. The box, looking at the humane society in Sept 2016 where I adopted age. Do to treat it dog from before we were able to administer first aid you administer will be to. Shot have to be rabid States and not typically transmitted by animal:! At Petco refused to trim my cat ’ s a remedy made from the us with. Started having cluster and Grand mall seizures job, and then I wanted ask! Area who charges $ 400 for the love of your pet do not feed blue buffalo a... In doing a titer, but it eventually removed most of the facts sends to Kansas State University Laboratory! A trip to the ER years and it is worthless and simply not.. Chronic loose stool and a big dollop of ignorance on the very day this dog getting rabies only... Our Mexican border, but that ’ s true the possibility of rabies immune globulin is also required part! Infection looked at promptly, as is the law in most immunocomprimised animals to be 16 and never bitten before... The observation period insisted! be administered within the first round of rabies vaccination ( this is a bleeding... Contracted rabies from a dog Media does not apply to distemper, or. I a complete fool for following those voices that said she ’ s and is very low distinctive can! That decision is based on the actual test is RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Endpoint and. Is stored than you care to have a binder with each of pets.

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