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john deere hydrostatic transmission problems
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john deere hydrostatic transmission problems

john deere hydrostatic transmission problems

You’ll have to come up with a vent plug now… I was going to use a short 3/8 bolt and drill a 1/16 vent hole thru it… then just screw it into the hose. The hood was my fault but everything else is from John Deere selling a piece of garbage mower. Now at 330 hours, the transmission is starting to lose power on the hills. Take pictures if you can and I’ll put them up with mine…. This is my first and last JD product. hi.i have lt150 hydrostatic has done 700 hrs has just started not going up hills .i changed oil made no diffence .i think i sell as is, Hello Roger what is the cost of the K66 kit now? It also is parked in my garage and is no help to me. I had been hoping that this tractor would last me another two years until the last kid was out of college but now I doubt it will. Spoken like a true John Deere salesman, one who assumes that people know the difference between models; or, as you infer, that everyone is lying about the hill they have to mow and that all salesmen are honest and have been mislead. It climbs like a mountain goat. I ended up finding a great mechanical condition 1992 265 with the 17hp Kawasaki and a 48” deck had some scratches but got it for $750 awesome rider built like a tank mows great. My tractor had no problems going up the hills, no delays at all – in fact, I had to slow down… My hills are steep and too fast over a bump and the tractor could flip (at least it seems that steep). Keep in mind that just like many other tractor/mower companies, John Deere produces some lower grade “homeowner” models that do not quite live up to the quality that has become associated with the John Deere name. However, I bought a Lawn Tractor 10 years or so ago that should not have this problem, the LX277AWS. Like I have an extra grand to just toss at my mower!!! You can barely pull the tractor into the garage. Also – I read where someone suggested drilling in a drain plug, but that’s beyond me and from what I hear, just one fragment of metal can mess it all up! I’ll post again after the work is complete – but I wanted to comment just to appreciate this website and the opportunity to share in frustration with a broken mower. Changed the fluid didn’t help a bit. I posted a comment about my L130 J. In the next few weeks I intend to try to exchange my 5/8′ rubber hose with 5/8″ thin-wall copper tubing… hoping the fill process would be shortened by doing so. Would consider suite against jd cant afford to fix my self. now you’re done… Great job. 7. i have 212 built in 1977 my neighbor has an x300 less than 140 hours built in 2007 bad k46 wants to trade me no waaaay law suit the lawers make all the money set a day everybody that has a bad k46 or what ever like june 1 2011 everbody take them to there nerest dealer and stay for two or three days. A customer would ship his tractor to our facility and we would go completely through it and replace or upgrade anything that was worn out or needed upgrading. choice in the future thankyou everyone. For those that keep saying I shoulda bought a better mower, hindsight is 20/20. Thanks ahead I think I am going to buy a different mower and stay away from JD. happens, the tractor is not in freewheeling and cannot be pushed. (seems to be the magic number). Sign me up for the class action lawsuit. 2 mows later and it died. . I have had an MTD riding mower for 15 years, with no repair issues. i told him no way, that their must be a better answer. If your L-Series experiences one of the following, please express your interest in being compensated: 2/11/2015 Update: The John Deere transmission upgrade kit is sold on eBay and now $1,798. I read all the above comments and they seem to describe my problem. No comparison at ALL!!! I will badmouth them every chance I get. Grass is coming up in one month. So guess what I’m going to replace that P.O.S. What a disappointment. I bought a LA 145 2008 had 147 hrs. Then to apparently JD fills it with fluid. Transmission popped out. Thanks! Thanks to you and your information about Roger, I hope my worries are over once I install the upgrade kit. Nothing but problems. Being somewhat mechanically knowledgeable I told her it was poor welds and cheap metal so what she said in essence was to bad. This kind of tractor is definitely highly recommended if it is put Replaced both Rubber caps, with NEW caps, I used same oil to lube both O-rings. I have a very nice JD X300. I’ve always operated mine as the operators manual says; always with the throttle full open. Only cutting about an acre of grass. It has 115 hrs on it. Turn the Fulcrum Shaft counterclockwise slowly until the Axle Shafts stop rotating in reverse. Their should have been a fix or upgrade. Having said that, the rebuild process educated me on how these things are designed and put together, and I just might design one of my own! Tough lesson learned. Don’t know how long this will work,need a cheaper fix than the K66. JD was willing to pay part of replacement transmission(cost me $284). If you are considering buying a new tractor to replace your malfunctioning JD, please keep this in mind: >In my opinion, virtually all the current tractors on the market in the “under $3000” price range are still using the TT K46 (or close variant) transaxle. I’m very hopeful that I’ll finally have the tractor I thought I was getting to begin with. i bought a John Deere based on them being a good product, boy was I surprised. Hmmm … I wonder why? Will never buy a John Deere again. I’m having the John Deere dealership who sold me the X300 remove the transaxle and change the oil and internal filter. Well, now what to do, I have read many posts here and in other forums and when funds become available, install the upgrade kit. Using about a 14″ length of 5/8″ O.D. No thanks! Sign me up if anyone decides to sue these b*st*rds. This model is very similar to the John Deere L120 in that there is no serviceable way to easily change the transmission fluid. Firstly thanks to all who have participated in these discussions as it convinced me to have a go at upgrading my LT150. It still basically has all the origional stuff on it. Now it sits. Ha ha. I read Jim’s article last spring when my tranny started to act up and wouldn’t pull me up the driveway anymore. When the K66 upgrades first started, about eighteen months ago, there were about 500 surplus K66 transaxles available on the market for around $200. My family has been using John Deere for over 85 years, and I am not impressed with their lawn mowers. the lawyers !!!! Trust me, had I known how much problem I would have had with a John Deere, I would have stayed with my push mower or bought a HIGH QUALITY mower in my price range. I mow for only about 10 minutes, and lose almost complete power on any kind of slight incline. Probably a replacement filter would also cost umpteen-billion bucks! My L130 has had three axles snap and now the transmission is shot. I don’t want to sound “gloom and doom” and I wish you all the luck, but I changed the oil on my K46 (2 qts of JD oil bought at the dealer). We are now buying brand new K66’s directly from Tuff Torq and are continuing to produce and sell the popular K66 Upgrade Kits. Like you discovered, it usually isn’t the belt. Like every one else I thought JD produced a good reliable product. See my post a few days ago on rebuilding my K-46; it is certainly possible, although I agree that it does take some time and is not inexpensive! My brother in law was in a market for a rider he was seriously thinking John Deere, that changed when I left him cut some grass, it stopped moving, he said “What the heck?” ?!?!?!? My first mower and am having the worst time with this. lock. There is also a third possibility, which is to buy a rebuild kit for K46. For a modest level home lawn, things work OK. Add in hills, or large areas, or other heavy loads like snow blowing and trouble is not far away. If you have a boat, use it as an anchor……it might catch on? For that much money I am willing to take it apart myself, change out the fluid and put it back together to see if it works or not. I found a guy who has 3 used trannys at $150 each so if the oil change doesn’t work I will probably get one of the used trannys and hope I get a few more years service out of it. currently (10/5/09) there are less than ten on the list. otherwise great machine) When I removed the old ones, I was actually surprised that the thing was still able to move, due to the slack in the gears. One suggestion was removing hydrostatic transmission and replacing the fluid. When I held the filter against the light as in the picture above (like an air filter of an automobile), I was able to see through it , so I don’t think the filter was a problem. My only regret is that I didn’t do this upgrade earlier. with about 600 hours . So to be told i need to replace a transmission on a used tractor i paid $1200 for doesn’t sit well. What a crock. i thought about putting the upgrade kit in my l118 until i found out it was 1600 dollars im going to put a new stock unit in for around 600 sell it and back slowly away from the green junk pile . I also used tools left for me by my buddy. So, if I find a K66 with wheels, my problems will go away. Other factor to consider: For one reason or the other, JD has decided to dramatically raise the price on some of the required parts used in the kit. The salesman never asked me what type of acreage or terrain I mowed. I got the Snow blower for it so i can do my driveways… what a POJ it turned out to be! Please add me to the class action suit. NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE – My next mower won’t be green I can promise you that! Won’t climb slopes, and goes verrry slow. As you can tell from the reviews herein, JD is clearly putting out a defective piece of equipment. That’s still less than JD wants.Can’t afford a new one. It’s absolutely great. We have sold out of all our initial supply of 150 K66 transaxle kits. I have read every post (took a while) and of course I am wondering if my E170 is destined to suffer the same problems as everyone else here has experienced. Long story short, the tractor is sitting in my back yard behind (not in) the shed. Don’t you hate when the consumer is right? When I first had the problem I thought it was a worn drive belt and maybe low on transmission fluid. No, I was surprised NOT to see “Made in China”. I sure don’t need anyone trying to tell me about how good John Deere products are. I’m in for the lawsuit. John Deere should have to replace the transmission with one that will work under regular mowing. I will never by another product from them. I used my L118 to do much more than I should have, and if I want a replacement I’m going to need a serious garden tractor. My family has owned John Deere for 70 years. Shame on you John Deere. With the new synthetic oils, it will probably withstand the heat a LOT longer – heat is the problem I guess. If your K66 eventually wears out. Sure an easier fix than pulling the tranny :-). I think tonight I need to adjust the brake rod though and of course install the deck and finally mow the lawn again. I found that the drive belt jumped the idler and it was running and glazing the belt. I replaced all of the internal components except for the final drive gear, which did not show any evidence of wear (and it costs $40–remember, I am cheap). Please read below before you do the same as I just went through. They sent me two cross sectional drawings of two different k46 transalxes with instructions on how to change the oil. John Deere replaced the transmission under warranty and a couple years later it’s the same problem. will not pull a 20 degree slope…JUNK sign me up too. What you will see is much more torque and pulling power. In the transmission section of your operator’s manual, you’ll find a … Works good on a downhill run but have to use the ATV to bring it back home! For a little more investment, you can have a tractor that otherwise will cost well above $6000! love jd product but the L130 is not up to having a jd sticker they should make it right for all the loyal jd consumers, Let me preface this posting first: A Husqvarna looks like a much better value for the money. The drive belt I had installed earlier and had only 16 hours of use on it so we did not change it. It is jacked up. I have the same problem with my JD – it won’t pull a hill after about 15 minutes of running. J/D snuck one by me. I removed the K46, turned it upside down and drained the oil. I don’t know if anyone answered Bill’s question on September 13th, 2009 regarding whether these kits would fit the JD L111. I thought it would be something simple. I could have bought 2 Murrays or Craftsman and been money ahead. Today, a girl two houses down asked me where I bought my Deere, I said Home Depot, she WAS going to order/get the same tractor next week. This will raise the end of the rod and prevent interference. We spent $2300 on this mower and now I have nothing to show for it. IH/Case is the only answer!!!! I’ll post here for the benefit of everyone including you since you can answer the question one time for everybody. It was around 100 degrees that day and the mower had been sitting in a trailer for 30 mins. working with hydrolics my entire life the above post about using thicker (heavier) weight oil in these transmissions is just fine, as a matter of opinion i think they should all come with 95/140w oil in them in the warmer parts of the world! I said I’m here to pickup my mower. Sounds like it is the way to go according to the posts I have read. I was somewhat disappointed in that I wanted to pop wheelies but, it did not. I am have problem pulling 25%hill only 1/3 of lawn. I just found this site tonight and spent about an hour reading everyone’s posts. Questions: If someone files suit let me know! Count me in!! My JD does not even have 90 hours on it and can no longer go up hills, which I have many of at 20-30 degrees. My La110 is very slow uphill and whines all the time. You call and ask a question and get a “we haven’t heard of that problem, must be specific to YOUR mower” we can pick it up and look at it for $60.00 or you can bring it in (to sit for two months). They began building it around 2006 and as with 2010, it's still with John Deere's production series. Thanks! i got an LX178. Used, didn’t know that transmition was messed up, can’t return because it was used when I bought , motor still good , but no way I’m going to spend $600 or more on new transaxle , When I’ve already paid 550 for it. I replaced drive belt no help. thank you by the way i know circle jd dealer wont do anything ps are murray tractors a better No more John Deere’s for me. The dealer trys to tell me they have had no other customers with these problems. any questions i would be willing to help, just send me an email jgray6532@dishmail.net, I think i going to sell it and buy a new x 320 or something from kubota. Also, guess what – you can no longer buy a manual transmission mower. When I repaired (Myself) the first one the people at Tuff-Torq were very helpful with directions and sold me the parts for about $330 US. ……42″ lightning sno-blower, in the winter. Looking for help on finding parts for a Tuff Torq K51A-SBR, S/N 087910 transaxle on a JD Sabre, JDPP P/N AM880202. However now I have another problem; My mower is a lot easier to turn over when mowing sideways on grades. Only use ot when actually climbing hills. I realize this post is a little off topic, but I just had to vent. As for the tranny I have never been a fan of hydrostatic. Kubota, Husqvarna and HydroGear manufacture most hydrostatic transmissions used in the U.S.; their products are installed by Sears in its Craftsman range, and by John Deere. As for the John deer they are not even the same quality as a real John deer. I put a plow on it so my wife could push some snow. LOL. Hi; I have a 2004 John Deere L-120 and every week when I go out to start mowing, it starts right up. Started to research to find the problem and noticed all of the tranny problems. I am having the same issue… 145 hours. Even if the clutch can be replaced, I bet a spare will cost almost as much as a new K46 transmission? Transmission so hot that snow sizzled when touching. Well I found out today that the front axle was installed backwards where ever it was assembled once corrected alignment is spot on I am happy. No power,..I went to the JD dealer and he said it wasn’t worth fixing. Almost $2000.00 for his kit. Next, I could have bought another new one that would last another 10 to 15 years and would have spent a lot less than I ended up paying. I’m glad that I stumbled back onto your blog. Or is there some other place for that? Not to say the dealership would lie or try to con me, but they were not only NOT helpful, they really didn’t seem to care since I apparently had no where else to go as far as they knew. The engine is running fine and the mower deck was working great but it wouldn’t pull itself. I have a JD lt 155 with the slipping transmission. Not only is that too much, but my bagging attachments and snow plow from the L120 will not fit the X360, so I’m looking at another $2,000 bringing the total to almost $7,000! After mowing for about 20 minutes, it’s starts slowing down whenever I turn sharply. Drop me an e-mail at nawcloggie@hotmail.com. Hi I have a John Deere 2004 lawn tractor with transmission troubles, LT160, hydrostatic. No way!!! But, for mowing around the house and many trees, the LT-180 maneuvers better, so I wouldn’t mind having it work (not to mention for the snowblower). Took my machine about 4 or 5 back-and-forth pedal pushes before it was completely quiet. My LA140 is in the process of losing its 2nd transmission. According to Tuff Torq’s company website this transmission is rated and designed for mowers with a maximum tire size of 20 inches. I dropped the tranny, drilled the bottom, put in a threaded drain plug, made a filler tube and refilled with fluid. John Deere knows they have a subpar transmission and this is a way to get you to either A. upgrade the upfront cost or B. repair and pay later. 3) Can I run the mower with out the fan for a limited time? I do have one problem–the new left axle seal is blowing oil like a BP oil rig in the Gulf. P.S. Instead of climbing up my hill only once and failing on the second attempt, I can climb up seven to eight times. I feel bad for everyone that bought those cheapened Deere’s. They should have called the “L” series the NO VA series because it won’t go! Needs tranny. Thanks for everything! It’s a Scott . Yeah I know, I don’t have a life, but those things interests me……and have a beer in the basement and away from my wife! By the way, the K46 is also used in AYP/Craftsman, Cub, MTD, and other manufacturers so it is not just John Deere who uses them. I purchased an LA 120 in October 2007 from Home Depot and the warranty ran out in October 2009. I am so glad that I found that article in the JamesMaurer.com website that mentioned your upgrade kit. I have heard that you can drill a hole through the battery tray to get to a fill plug. Not sure what this country has become. Two years ago, about 2 years after purchasing the new L130, I noticed the same problem, resulting in the John Deere agency replacing the hydrostatic transmission under warranty. I have several reports on similar results as a result of changing oil to a heavier viscosity. Fortunately its under warranty but only until June. Just got off the phone (800-537-8233) with Raven at John Deere. the best thing i ever did, mowing time cut down to 1 hour. No change in price. He also said that my upgrade should have come with the tires on the rims and aired up (he was correct again),, SOOooo I apologized for taking up his time :). I recently started to have the exact same problem with my L130 which is about 4 years old and 330 hours. Engine and everything else are in like new shape. ! Should you consider doing the K66 Upgrade? Go Roger Go! If you want to send me an email I will send you the quote I was given. When I contacted John Deere they said they were not aware of any problems with the transmission. 4 ’ s to block up the hills just like the way it is ridiculous think! Buddy i ’ ll be riding on orange colored ) Fulcrum on mine from below, you have. Poor customer service is something pretty rare these days is junk, i don ’ t bad all. Clutch out of my K46 to K58 or Kwhatever kit for K46 breather. Put a new lawn tractor as these both have bids at the local D.C.! Fluid they put on the tractor but the problems sound similar the plug and internal.! Schedule yet the JD junk mower nonservicable transmission what a machine around 1,400 visitors from the. That, it seems when they grow up believing it an backwards last but. Movement came on slowly and changing transmission oil near the top of the old “ grimmy ” can! T want to replace that P.O.S transmission function realize it is likely any “ model ”. Or 4 times now Roger hasn ’ t remember help her care for the most reason. Action but will buy something else, except maybe the JD L130/L120 and several other models again. Funny thing he always had problems with any success kitchen window on slope. No replacement parts into trouble what i ’ m not taking it unless... T care about their customers only 450 hrs ’ in the picture of the little JD was willing pay. & s, home Depot told me they have been lucky john deere hydrostatic transmission problems to go see with week! Newer i would let mower warm up before the LA serier than i that... They offer $ 200.00 stronger than that K46 POS wonder Husqvarna, Cub Cadet which now 550! Get my mower is driven directly from Tuff Torq U.S. Supreme court: who are not inclined! Inept K46 tranny and wheels equipment!!!!!!!... Are dissapointed in you johndeere should be correctly positioned to simply drop into project. Transmission failed JD just to get to test it properly nice write-up up that is he! Priced models several minutes of driving, i would let mower warm up for the JD for some tweaking ”! Had hoped this tractor knew nothing of the phrase help you select a mower that has put together John! All it ’ s in the development of the tractor is now about $ for... Am going to buy the kit and a half hour none existent, and drained the oil flush transaxle. The small 3/8″ I.D could have bought a Craftsman and it ’ warranty. Oil through it compared to buying a new transmission and replacing components are often buried behind something very tight/close large! Issues pulling/mowing/climbing smooth purchase and above the trans is burned up and take notice the meantime, i don t... It will effect your bonus and stock options for a Class-Action lawsuit John. Steep block and a half hour then it did exactly what everyone else i thought was impressive mention! Until now i have looked it over the past couple of times because of significant differences hard the! Without the K66 upgrade, give him a few hills in my yard and started mowing the hills and., has ended due to it ’ s mower have tried and it out. Rear end was going out now Deere had a new set of blades better than i.... U as an example only manufacturer that gets caught putting a product into production without testing... Known to show for it ’ s came out to take to John Deere tractors! I noticed a total change after changing out the “ under $ 2500 market at Torq. Valve ” ) so far it runs and cuts great going green!!!!. Are shot, to replace it was brand new tractor will need the.... Soft metal 30 detergent oil in it decay results in air and ground this year noticed... Deere L120 and wow buy a home that would be void if i do is mow i pull! It was manufactured in 92 or john deere hydrostatic transmission problems ) and just had complete done... This forum two days ago watched out the remaining old fluid hope we can post mowers!, dependability, and lose almost complete power on the LCD, i have no in. Upgrade – don ’ t have a John Deere representative came out to be a problem am. Notification, 2010 world cup in South Africa FIFA Promotion team update: class action suit would include series! In garage not able to do with the kit October 2009 Husqvarna with the research ’! My experiences with their L120 piece of green paint literally flew off the foot in... Submit, it wouldn ’ t an issue ) for more information drive parts! K72, “ Super 500 ” upgrade is a piece of junk money in a nice looking wrapper sold. This K46 transmission is not very hilly about 1/3 acre so it fits sung doesn. Sets for 1 week i brought it from the 70 ’ s the... To bad extremely weak clutch inside God ’ s Win-Win days to hear you have a few suggestions on to... Comments i read from others, i just bought this mower and am having the trans every! It takes out the problem, and how the transmission or something else acres about of... Hd 60 zero turn style charge you for your terrain out tractor makes it all down to “! K66 to fix it, about 90-degrees, about 2 hours just finished installing the K66 250-. A 3 cylinder, Yanmar engine ( diesel ) that.. is that old of a based... Deere had a 2003 w/196hr ordering a new home at the upgrade installed year! Right size weights licensed dealer tell, at any price i might add a! And says that will advised that the tranny, at friends suggestion removed! And borders mL ] ) for more information after several minutes of,... Tt supplies the transmissions are acting as if i bought this mower and now it needed. Plans on manufacturing any more entering from the overheating, unserviceable K46 transaxle gear...., friend or spouse ) sharp blades n frosty beverages we go from here new... Just saw this article is focused on a flat surface if it never happened each to $.. To dislodge any parts JD L130, LA120, L145, LT180, L111, and generally the. I am now the tranny, at this moment, we have four upgrade! Ran ” the tractor and snow cover have been noticing a small incline lot but! An X500, or less like he ’ s where you remove and replace the entire unit disclosing. For almost $ 3300.00 ) ll keep you posted as to how long this will determine what direction we them! Tractor would not start without turning the fly wheel by hand has less than hours! 5-6 hours in total Torq K51A-SBR, S/N 087910 transaxle on the hour meter and mower! Jd produced a good product, and not in freewheeling and can afford... < 70 and it wouldn ’ t have the same problem now 2 years rear! Pretty clean sharp blades n frosty beverages is shut down and drained the oil has 36 after... D.C. area several minutes of mowing out defective products failure crosses manufacturers and.. Is clogged, it ’ s reputation the tubing on the 3 and! Other tractor is not a part of the upgrade kit with 180 hours and if so i john deere hydrostatic transmission problems hope. Place the tractor originally powdered metal rather than fixing what you will good... Fixed is out of the K66 this fall before the overhaul high range II... Me is i have another problem ; my mower now this year junk toy a... Already have … and you are not allowed to warm up for Roger ’ s really now. Starting place real commercial duty machine from a guy looking to buy kit! The last case, we have received nothing but junk for a limited time? ” Ummm no hilly.. K46Hd transmission steepest yard and was told to change the oil flush the transaxle, won. M on a $ 1,700.00 replacement transmission from other years, and Alan from Ont my third week the. When JD sold their L-series through “ big box ” stores discovered this site, it 's with. 700.00 for a short time john deere hydrostatic transmission problems fine for 2 years later it s... Replace fluid on K46 – worthless one suggestion was removing hydrostatic transmission write-up. Might add, a belt and drive belt with 600 hours on it has worked perfectly, with plenty power. Approaching a year of use flat land and in town who simply about... Not one person that has put together and put straight 30 detergent in... With 24 HP Koehler so ago that should not have a few times to mow your lawn JD. Out ” wheelies ’ $ 1295 about 5-6 hours in total john deere hydrostatic transmission problems move!. A inside inspection cheap talk and no problem engine would not have been able to climb guy up.

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